Aswan University


Aswan University was originally established in 1974 as a separate branch of Assiut University; specifically it’s Faculty of Education, however with the passing of time various decrees resulted in certain branches formally gaining independence from Assiut, and in 2012 Aswan University was officially established as a separate public university separate from Assiut, through the Republican Degree.

Since then the institution has grown notoriously, developing 18 different faculties and 2 dedicated institutes in nursing and research, and obtaining a campus of well over 400 acres in expanse for it’s future development.

Programs Offered

With 18 different faculties when it comes to Aswan University students really are expected to choose a faculty and then specialize through it rather than choosing an specific course, in fact many of the faculties just offer a single program, so in this case we will list the main faculties at the institution to offer a clearer look at what undergraduate students can expect to enroll into:

  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Fisheries and Fish Technology
  • Social Work
  • Specific Education
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Law
  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Archaeology

Admission requirements

Admission to Aswan Unviersity doesn’t deviate much from the norm, high-school certifications and results coupled with a student’s identification documents are the main requirements to apply, which can be done online, however it’s site does start to show it’s age, so it might be recommended to pursue these sensitive process directly with the institution, as of the current year admission rate for the institution is unknown but it’s somewhat lax requirements mean that it’s more likely than not an university with a high entrance rate.

Student Life

Student Life at Aswan University is handled by their Student Union who help organize and attend a wide selection of activities, ranging from sport clubs, to artistic endeavors and cultural and social activities geared both towards entertainment as well as the wellbeing of the institution.

Part-time work

While Aswan University doesn’t directly count with a part-time work portal, students in Egypt have other tools to help them in this process; amongst them is wuzzuf, an online employment tool which hosts listings for all kind of employment in Egypt, including part-time work aimed at students. Do note however that since job hunting will mainly take place away of the institution it’s important to be able to coordinate schedules to avoid a conflict of interests.


Tuition Fees at Aswan University can on average amount to 1000 Egyptian pounds per year of studies, however for international students the price raises considerably, to an average of 8000, this is mainly on the basis that as a public university the costs of tuition are heavily subsidized for national students.


Aswan University is currently ranked as 3329th best college level institution in the world, making it the 24th best university in it’s home country of Egypt.

University Contact

Address:  Aswan University, Sahary city, airport road, Egypt

Phone: 097380446

Email: [email protected]


Aswan University is in a sense, a very middle of the road institution, as a public institution it’s fees are lower than some of it’s private competitors, but due to the limited budget of education very few of them manage to truly offer a free education, it’s course selection is as well incredibly straightforward, and it doesn’t count with any special awards or merits to it, international students might not have a real reason to consider applying, and while there’s nothing wrong with the institution per se, it’s not remarkable enough for locals to consider as one of their first picks.