Autonomous University of Madrid


Originally founded in 1968, the Autonomous University of Madrid was the result of the economic boost Spain came to experience in the 1960s as the result of it’s stabilization and development plans of 1959, with it came the breaking of old trends, amongst them the end of it’s economic isolation and the birth of Spain’s middle class, these changes required a proper response, and the education sector saw itself facing the need to either reinvent itself or found new institutions that could fit these new needs.

The Autonomous University of Madrid was one of 3 higher education institutions created as a response, the restructuration of Spain’s education system and it’s new colleges took heavier inspiration from western faculties and schools and came to pave the way for the modern style of education currently being offered in Spain.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 12 faculties the Autonomous University of Madrid offers an impressive selection of courses for undergraduate students, which cover all the possible interests any prospective students might have, and despite the specialization each faculty has most of them still offer a wide selection of courses, meaning that the full offering at the institution is nothing short of impressive.

Due to these factors the following list will only be a sample of the full catalog available at the Autonomous University of Madrid:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Food Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Aviation
  • Economics and Finance
  • Tourism
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Art History
  • International Studies
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • Computer Science and Engineering

Admission requirements

Application to the Autonomous University of Madrid is handled online, and the requirements for each specific course can be found on the official website, largely however a student’s certifications and national documents should be enough for application.

Student Life

The Autonomous University of Madrid counts with 56 unique and active student associations, as well as a number of other activities and events granting students an active social life on campus and many options to further meet and share with their fellow students.

Part-time work

While the institution counts with agreements with various enterprises to facilitate the future employment of it’s student body, in practice there isn’t a dedicated department or portal aimed at helping currently enrolled students to find part-time work, as such students who require it will mostly likely need to job hunt on their own.


Tuition Fees at the Autonomous University of Madrid are based on credits, each credits amounts to €120, meaning an average semester at the institution can cost around €2,000.

Additionally students are required to pay an administrative fee and a pre-enrollment fee amounting to €33.65 and €350 respectively.


The Autonomous University of Madrid is currently ranked as the268th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall sixth best university in it’s home country of Spain.

University Contact

Address:  Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, España

Phone: +34 91 497 50 00

Email: [email protected]


As a whole the Autonomous University of Madrid offers great education at an affordable cost, and with an ease of selection compared to most EU universities, this makes it an appealing option both to local and international students who will find on it an opportunity to enjoy world-class education at a fragment of the cost.