Clausthal University of Technology


Founded in 1775 the Harz Mountain educational institution was created as an institution aimed at those mathematically gifted and with a desire to pursue a career as miners or carpenters, the 60s brought various changes to the institution, first it was elevated to a mining academy, and later as the result of all the changes that came with the new status, it was renamed into the Clausthal University of Technology.

Clausthal is commonly ranked as one of the best institutions Germany has when it comes  to Engineering, and as a whole the university is one of the most international in the country, with a large amount of foreign students in it’s campus.

Programs Offered

Clausthal University of Technology currently offers 16 undergraduate programs, all of which have a standard duration of six semesters.

The 16 undergraduate programs offered by Clausthal University of Technology are the following:

  • Business Administration 
  • Chemistry 
  • Digital Technologies 
  • Digital Management 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Energy and Materials Physics 
  • Energy and Mineral Resources 
  • Power Systems Technologies 
  • Geoenvironmental Engineering 
  • Computer Science/Business Information Systems 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Sports Engineering 
  • Process Engineering / Chemical Engineering 
  • Business and Engineering 
  • Industrial/Applied Mathematics

Admission requirements

The only thing required for any of the bachelor’s degree programs at Clausthal University of Technology is a university entrance qualification; the deadline for applications to take bachelor’s degrees is October 15 for the winter semester and April 15 for the summer semester.

Student Life

Clausthal University of technology offers a different student experience from most universities, it’s campus is surrounded by nature as far as the eye can see, already offering a different ambient to their studies.

Classes are even available as videos, so students can use their smartphones and laptops to work on their courses anywhere at any time.

Part-time work

Part-time work is really common for German students, surveys around two thirds of all students go to work, and Clausthal University of Technology offers student assistant positions as a way to earn extra money within the university itself.

 With a large number of tutorials to go through, the institution also requires many student assistants per semester, so that’s usually an easy area to find a job for Clausthal student and can show earnings of around €150 to €350 per month.

 While international students from the EU or EEA have little to no restrictions on work, the situation is somewhat more limited for international students from other countries, while they are allowed to work 120 full or 240 half days in a year, German law prevents them from pursuing freelance work.


The main fee in Clausthal University of Technology is a semester fee of € 190 per semester.


The Clausthal University of Technology is currently ranked as the 1305th university in the world, which currently grants it the title of the 68th best university in it’s home country of Germany.

University Contact

Address:  Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2A, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

Phone: +49 5323 720

Email: [email protected]


Clausthal University of Technology might seem lowly rated at first, but it’s definitely a strong institution when it comes to engineering, this factor coupled with the ease of advancing to a master’s program after completing an undergraduate program makes it a good pick for those looking for a life in the world of engineering.