ETH Zurich


ETZ Zurich was founded by the Swiss Confederation on 1855, in the form of a polytechnic institute which held classes at multiple locations across the city of Zurich, with only six faculties as it’s original facilities.

The institution is a member of various international organizations, like the IDEA League, CESAER Network and IARU.

Programs Offered

ETH Zurich currently counts with 22 undergraduate or bachelor programs, across 5 main different areas of interest (Architecture and Civil Engineering; Engineering Sciences; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; System-Oriented Natural Sciences; Humanities, Social and Political Sciences), students should keep in mind that the following not only amount to the full undergraduate offering at ETH Zurich, but also that all of the courses are taught primarily in German.

  • Architecture 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Geospatial Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 
  • Computer Science 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Materials Science 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry/Chemical and Bioengineering 
  • Computational Sciences and Engineering 
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences 
  • Mathematics 
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • Agricultural Sciences 
  • Food Sciences 
  • Earth Sciences 
  • Environmental Sciences 
  • Health Sciences and Technology 
  • Human Medicine 
  • Public Policy (Professional Officer)

Admission requirements

ETH Zurich offers unconditional admission to most Swiss applicants provided they have some form of Federal Accreditation.

In other cases application is open to all interested parties, but requires an entrance examination to properly assess candidates, with the only other real qualification being German Language Proficiency.

Student Life

Zurich is a vibrant city for students, the area is full of many activities for students, and it also offers wonderful green and natural landscape, which lets the city have many of the commodities and benefits of a large city with a landscape not many places get to enjoy.

Part-time work

Students at ETH Zurich are allowed to pursue a paid part-​time job for no more than than 15 hours a week during school semesters, and they are allowed to work full-time during vacation, it’s important to note that students from non-​EU countries are required to live in Switzerland for at least 6 months if they wish to obtain a work permit.

The main tool for students to find jobs is ETH get hired, an online job platform operated jointly by the ETH Career Center and Telejob, which lists work opportunities for  ETH Zurich students.


Students at ETH Zurich must pay a Tuition Fee of 660 CHF per semester, this will cover enrolment in all courses. Additionally students must also pay certain compulsory fees, in the form of Academic Sports Association Zurich, Scholarship fund, and ETH Zurich Student Union (VSETH) fee for general services; all of which amount to another CHF 69 per semester.


ETH Zurich is currently ranked as the 32nd best university in the world, making it the number one college level institution in it’s home country of Switzerland.

University Contact

Address:  Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 632 11 11

Email: [email protected]


For locals there’s no reason not to apply to ETH Zurich as long as a course interests you, it’s the number one institution in the country, and admission is incredibly straightforward, ETH offers quality in it’s courses and offers a shining future prospect for alumni, those with more artistic interests however might need to find another institution, and international students might find an obstacle in the German language requirements, but outside of those 2 circumstances, ETH Zurich stands as one of the best options for students both in the region and in nearby countries.