Kyoto University


Kyoto University, also known as the Kyodai, was first established in 1897, however it’s roots d ate a little further back, in the Chemistry School of Kyoto, the imperial university system saw the institution reinvented as the Kyoto Imperial University, which started imparting classes on the campus of the former Third Higher School.

The years after the end of World War II brought the next big change in the institution, and the merger of the imperial university with it’s neighboring facilities lead to it’s current form and name of the Kyoto University, becoming a national public university in the year 2004, a change that ultimately proved to bring more freedom than constraints, as the expanded budget and new policies allowed it to grow under it’s own guidance, becoming one of Asia’s premier universities and a source of pride for it’s home country of Japan.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 10 faculties Kyoto University currently offers well over 50 unique courses aimed at undergraduate students, in a slight difference from most other universities all students enrolled into the university will see the same broad subjects during their first year, and it’s not until later that they will start to see subjects specific to their chosen field of study.

Due to the large selection available at the institution the following list is only a small sample of the full catalog available at Kyoto University:

  • Human and Socio-Cultural Studies
  • Thought and Culture
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
  • Mathematical Science
  •  Linguistic Science
  • Foreign Language Acquisition and Education
  • Studies on Contemporary Civilizations
  • Social Cultural History
  • Studies in Symbiotic Socio-Environmental System
  • Comparative Studies of Civilizations
  • Cultural, Regional and Historic Studies on Environment
  • Molecular Studies on Chemical and Biological Environments
  • Dynamics of Natural Environment
  • Studies on Material Science

Admission requirements

While every faculty at Kyoto University is free to set it’s own requirements independent of the others there are in fact some general guidelines all of them follow at their core, proof of Japanese Language Proficiency is required, as well as completion of year 12 studies or equivalent and performing on Kyoto University’s entrance examination which varies from faculty to faculty.

Student Life

Kyoto University counts with a healthy student life on it’s campus, ranging from officially sanctioned clubs and events, as well as volunteering programs and tutoring, which grant students a lot of room for integration while still helping polish their skills.

Part-time work

While Kyoto University allows students to pursue part-time work their support is slightly more limited than other institutions, as it focuses mostly on teaching students proper work etiquette for the nation, instead of helping connect them with employers.


Undergraduate Students at Kyoto University are expected to pay 535,800 JPY per year of stufy at the institution, additionally there’s a matriculation fee of 282,000 and a Entrance Examination fee of 17,000.


Kyoto University is currently ranked as the 104th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall second best university in it’s home country of Japan.

University Contact

Address:  Kyoto University, Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8501 JAPAN

Phone: +81-75-753-7531

Email: [email protected]


Kyoto University is quite simply one of the best institutions in the entire country, while the upfront cost can be elevated compared to other institutions, students can apply to a variety of scholarships and grants making sure that an education at the institution is more than just a pipe dream.