Macquarie University


Macquarie University was established in the year 1964, after years of deliberation by the new South Wales Government which deemed it necessary to open a new university in Sidney due to the enrollment crisis the country was recently facing, ultimately the location chose was North Ryde, and the institution was properly founded in 1964.

The institution opened with the goal to integrate the university and industry in a highly technological environment, inspired by Stanford, and the investment in both it’s faculties as well as it’s study plan largely worked out in it’s favor, as the institution saw rapid growth during the following decades, which allowed it to add further schools and degrees to it’s compendium.

Currently it operates as public research university, and gained fame due to being the first Australian university to follow the Bologna Accord.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 5 main departments, Macquarie University offers well over 60 unique programs aimed at undergraduate students, covering a wide selection of topics in the areas of:

  • Arts and social sciences
  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Information technologies
  • Languages and linguistics
  • Law
  • Media, communications and performing arts
  • Medicine and health
  • Psychology and cognitive science
  • Science
  • Security, intelligence and criminology

It’s important to note however that not all programs available for locals will necessarily be available for international students as well, so it’s recommended to use the Macquarie University’s Online Course Catalog to check the specifics of each course.

Admission requirements

Macquarie University is invested in making sure all students get a fair chance at joining the institution, as such there are many pathway entrances into their courses, of course high-school results and qualifications will be the easier route, and a good ATAR score can get a student enrolled all on it’s own, but it also has many other potential routes for students that don’t meet such requirements, and even has unique entry courses from those who need to start from scratch, making sure there’s always a road towards education for any interested student.

Student Life

Macquarie University has a large variety of sports and cultural clubs available for students to pursue their passions with likeminded partners, as well as many cultural offerings on campus that allow students to enrichen their experiences without committing to any particular organization.

Part-time work

CareerHub is Macquarie University’s work portal, which holds job listings that connect students with varied work opportunities, both part-time, voluntary and internships.


The cost of Tuition Fess at Macquarie University varies a lot depending on what category the university places each student at, as well as their desire course, as such the average prices listed below are rough estimates based on previous years more than an official statement:

  • Local Commonwealth Student: $1,000
  • Local Student: $5,000
  • International Student: $35,000

Do note that all prices are listed in AUD.


Macquarie University is currently ranked as the 221th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall tenth best university in it’s home country of Australia.

University Contact

Address:  Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW 2109

Phone: +61 (2) 9850 7111

Email: [email protected]


Macquarie University offers a wide selection of courses at very affordable prices, especially for locals, this makes it an ideal university for those who desire quality and options while still keeping a budget, and all in all it’s ranking is still a high one globally, meaning that choosing Macquarie University is far from settling.