Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Founded in 1861 with the goal to integrate the best aspects of liberal and professional education, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology started it’s classes in 1865 and despite some financial problems was able to grow and prosper at the end of the 19th century thanks to the work of then president Francis Amasa Walker.

Past that MIT played a key role in many technological discoveries and developments, it’s world famous for it’s innovation, has been praised time and time again for it’s academic strength and has overall become one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Programs Offered

Across it’s 6 schools the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a wide variety of courses towards undergraduates, the 6 Schools are the following:

  • Architecture and Planning
  • Engineering
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Science
  • MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

While the following is a sample of the full catalog of courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology across those 6 schools:

  • Architecture 
  • Art and 
  • Art, Culture and Technology 
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Air transportation Systems
  • Oceanographic Engineering
  • Anthropology
  • Comparative Media Studies
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Management
  • Computational and Systems Biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Developmental Bilogy

Admission requirements

An important part of MIT admission process is the fact that regardless of your nationality and where you graduated, your high school scores and certifications will work, MIT staff is trained to understand them and as such your score wont be affected by any need to transform it to an American equivalent.

When it come to classes, MIT recommends the following for all applicants:

  • Four years of English 
  • Mathematics
  • 2 or more years of social studies 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics

Student Life

MIT offers a diverse community with a student body from all cultural and international backgrounds, and it goes to great lengths to make sure all of them feel at home on campus, MIT counts with over 500 student organizations, fully staffed housing and dining facilities, and it’s own department of athletics and recreation,  a such students at MIT will never run out of activities to get involved with.

Part-time work

Through it’s Career Advising & Professional Development portal, MIT offers various tools to help students find jobs that suit their needs, CareerBridge is a dedicated website that lets companies post job listings for Students, and MIT itself offers various internship programs, making the options incredibly abundant.


The full price of an academic year at MIT is $73,160, however most students will end up paying less than that, 89% of enrolled students don’t pay the full fee, and this is because the university has many different student aid programs aimed at it’s student body, on average students will pay an amount closer to $23,000 per year.

All of this is because one of the main objective of of MIT is to allow students to join based on their abilities and not just their money, ultimately tuition fees will vary a lot from student to student, so it’s important to check the multiple financial aids available to have a closer idea of what you might pay if enrolled.


Currently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked at the number 3 place in both the world’s university ranking and the United States of America national ranking, making it one of the most renowned universities one can find in the world.

University Contact

Address:  77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

Phone: 617-253-1000

Email: [email protected].


Some names speak for themselves, and few do as strongly as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT is a name everybody has heard of regardless f country of origin, and while it’s true that entrance can be daunting, due to it’s fame and large number of applicants, it’s tuition aids and case by case admission policy shows the merit in at least trying, any student in the region or looking to move to America for study, should consider applying, as MIT offers some of the best education in the world at a flexible budget.