Maynooth University


Maynooth University was officially founded in the year 1997, however it’s origins trace back to another institution, St Patrick’s College, from which it splintered off as result of the famous Irish Universities Act.

Upon it’s separation, Maynooth University became a constituent college to the National University of Ireland, with a focus on the arts and sciences, and it wouldn’t be until the year 1977 that it’d be recognized as a proper institution, while still subordinated to the National University.

Due to this late proper establishment date the university was long considered to be the youngest university in Ireland, and as a whole has proven to be one of the fastest growing universities in the region, with a long selection of recognitions and accolades to it’s name despite it’s short operational history, and in 208 it was even considered to be the university of the year by Sunday Times.

Programs Offered

Through it’s three main faculties, in the areas of Social Sciences, Science & Engineering, and Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy; Maynooth University currently offers well over 50 courses aimed at undergraduate students, due to this large selection the following list will only be a sample of the full catalog available at the institution:

  • Accounting
  • Adult and Community Education
  • Biological & Biomedical Sciences
  • Business
  • Community and Youth Work
  • Mathematics Education
  • Finance
  • Geography
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Local and Community Studies
  • Mediation and Conflict Intervention
  • Music Technology
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry
  • Physics – Experimental & Theoretical
  • Robotics
  • Social Science
  • Statistics

Admission requirements

Applications to Maynooth University are main handled through CAO (Central Applications Office) an organization tasked with overseeing the undergraduate applications of students for a large amount of Irish universities.

Maynooth offers a lot of distinction between the different kind of students that might be interested in applying, as such certain fine details when it come to applying might vary from one category to another, but in general it’s based on high-school results, expecting two subjects at h5 and at least four at O6.

Student Life

There’s a little bit of everything at Maynooth University for anybody interested in joining it’s community, it’s new student orientation is there to make sure nobody feels overwhelmed by the transition into college, it’s sports and clubs give an option for anybody to find their place in the community, and a lot of counseling options make the experience one where students will never have to be alone.

Part-time work

Maynooth University supports students interested in pursuing employment through it’s Career Development Centre, however it’s important to not that this department is mostly analogical, the website counts with expected listing and open vacancies for the year, but it’s not updated in real time, so directly visiting their offices is the ideal option.


All students at Maynooth University must pay a Student Levy of €150, while the average cost of one year of tuition at the institution is roughly €14,000 which will be paid fully by students not from the EU, things do get lighter for EU students and Irish ones, as the country counts with a large selection of scholarships and grants, in particular the Free Fees Scheme, which sees the government directly subsidize tuition costs, as such it’s important for any prospective student to properly check what grants they apply for.


Maynoth University is currently ranked as the 1884th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall ninth best university in it’s home country of Ireland.

University Contact

Address:  Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland.

Phone: +353 1 708 6000

Email: [email protected]


Maynooth Offers quality education, and an interesting course selection that will definitely appeal to most students, however certain aspects like it’s site do show that the university still has some optimization to go through, and the fact that most of it’s perks, namely those related to costs are country wide put things into perspective, Maynooth is a good institution, just one in a country where the academic offering and competition is nothing short of impressive.