Moscow State University


Moscow State University was first founded in the year 1755, by decree of Empress Elizabeth as Moscow’s first and foremost university, to the point that it’s day of foundation is still celebrated countrywide as Student’s Day, officially it is the oldest university in Russia, and has played a key role across the generations in it’s home country.

The institution initially focused on Law, Medicine and Philosophy, but the passing of the years saw the expansion and specialization of it’s courses resulting in a broader selection, and it’s transition into a general institute of learning for all of Russia.

It’s current name was part of it’s reforms after the October Revolution, which saw the institute focusing on it’s options to let working-class children enroll, as such playing a large role in the nation’s improvement after it’s long periods of unrest.

Programs Offered

With over 20 dedicated faculties, the selection of courses at Moscow State University is nothing short of immense, and unlike other universities which such an specialized selection of faculties, when it comes to Moscow State University most of them do offer a multitude of courses, the Faculty of Chemistry alone offering over 15 courses all on it’s own.

Due to this factor, the following list will only be a small sample of the full catalog available at Moscow State University:

  • Mechanics
  • Mathematics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Cybernetics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Biology
  • Bioengineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Soil Science
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Fundamental Medicine
  • Fundamental Physical and Chemical Engineering
  • History
  • Philology
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Law

Admission requirements

While high-school results obviously matter for enrollment into Moscow State University, they’ll never be enough to get accepted on their own, students must also present proof of their Russian Language Proficiency, and partake in an entrance exam which will fully be in Russian. The university offers a preparatory course in Russian for students who desire to be perfectly ready for the test.

Student Life

In it’s efforts to allow the integration of it’s student body into the Russian culture and heritage, Moscow State University hosts a wide selection of cultural events related to the traditions of the nation, as well as visits to historical locations, providing students with a way to induct themselves into the culture while still getting to grow closer to their fellow students.

Part-time work

One of the main advantage foreign students have at Russia compared to most other countries is that any work they partake directly on the university requires no permits or has any limitations, making it even more desirable to get hired directly by the institution.


Tuition Fee at Moscow State University is based on a student’s chosen faculty, however on average it amounts to 325000 RUR per year, on top of that students must also present a medical certificate (4500 RUR) and obtain a health insurance (8500 RUR).


The Moscow State University is currently ranked as the 226th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall number one best university in it’s home country of Russia.

University Contact

Address:  ul. Leninskiye Gory, 1, Moscow, Russia, 119991

Phone: (495) 939-10-00

Email: [email protected]


Moscow State University offers some of the most impressive course selections in all of Europe, and it’s broad offering has not impacted in any form shape or way the quality of it’s courses, all in all it’s definitely one of the best institutions in all of Russia, and with the proper preparation entrance might be easier than many would expect at first.