National University of Ireland


In a sense the National University of Ireland is not a singular college institution, what we know as the National University is in fact more of an university system across Ireland, which counts with a series of constituent universities from which it offers degrees, the involved institutions are functionally independent, but the degrees are ultimately considered to come from the National University itself.

The main source for the creation of the National University of Ireland is none other than the Irish Universities Act of 1908, which answered the need to restructure and reorganize education in the nation, a process which led to many institutions in the country renaming or reforming, and in the case of a select group, to be organized under the National University umbrella, from which they continue to operate to this day.

Programs Offered

Since the National University of Ireland doesn’t directly offer it’s own courses, but rather just is the main organization granting degrees for it’s constituent colleges in a sense it doesn’t count with it’s own course selection, but rather it has the entire selection of it’s constituent colleges available, so in practice there’s no shortage of courses available through it, as some of the best universities in the country are grouped under it.

Nonetheless, we can list the areas in which NUI and it’s constituent universities offers degrees:

  • Economic Science
  • Engineering
  • Literature
  • Celtic Studies
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Science
  • Laws

Admission requirements

While it’s constituent universities can add unique specifications to it’s admission requirements, there is a certain basic list of requirements imposed by the National University of Ireland that all of it’s constituent universities must abide by, amongst them it specifies that English, Irish an at least four other subjects must be included in a prospective student leaving certificate, that a third language is ideal fro admission into most programs, and that Science courses will require both a Science Subject and Mathematics.

Student Life

One of the main perks of studying at NUI under any of it’s constituent universities is precisely the coordination and interaction between the different campuses, certain courses are in fact offered jointly, and as a result it’s not uncommon for NUI students to have a school experience beyond their main campus.

Part-time work

While the National University of Ireland doesn’t forbid work in any form shape or way it also doesn’t count with a centralized career hub for students, and the portals of each constitutent university aren’t always open for students of all institutions.


While there are no direct fees for the National University of Ireland tuition is actually one of the main reasons the NUI can be considered for this website, while it might not directly impart classes, the National University of Ireland does offer a multitude of awards and grants that apply for any of it’s constituent colleges, these include awards for excellence in the literary and medical areas, it’s own set of grants separate from it’s constituent universities and many more opportunities that make it worth a student’s time to check on NUI at some point during their selection process.


The National University of Ireland is currently ranked as the 10078th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall 30th best university in it’s home country of Ireland.

University Contact

Address:  National University of Ireland, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland

Phone: +353 (1) 439 24 24

Email: [email protected]


NUI is not a direct institution per se, despite counting with it’s own ranking, what it is however is a means to an end, if you are interested in studying at one of its constituent universities then research NUI, to see what extra options and benefits you might have for enrolling that aren’t listed in the main university site.