Purdue University


Purdue University was originally established in the year 1869, when the general assembly of Indiana saw fit to take advantage of the recent university acts, to plan an institution of their own, with a focus in the areas of agriculture and engineering, after a series of biddings and donations the university would be established in Tippecanoe Country as Purdue University.

Famously the university would accept women very early on it’s career, and ultimately expanded it’s horizons to making sure it’d be a complete institution which would prepare students for all ranges of life and all required schools instead of keeping it’s focused nature, this process lead to the expansion of it’s campus and faculties, and led the institution to leave a notorious mark both in the region and the history, as the efforts of Purdue University, particularly during the war era proved to be pivotal for the development of the country.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 6 main faculties Purdue University currently offers well over 200 unique courses aimed at undergraduate students.

As such a wide selection would prove complicated to fully list, the following will only be a small sample of the full catalog available at Purdue University:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Airport Management and Operations
  • Biology
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Computer Engineering
  • Chinese studies
  • Data Visualization
  • Environmental Studies
  • Health and Disease
  • Mathematics Computer Science

Admission requirements

Students interested in Purdue University must apply online and provide their high-school grades, their ACT or SAT scores as well as answer the application questions in the website.

Due to the limited amount of open spaces in contrast to the amount of applicants per semester, admission is notoriously competitive, and acceptance is ultimately dependant on whether a student is more deserving of a spot than it’s peers, as such averages can vari widly from application to application, but in general it’s GPA requirement sits at 3.66.

Student Life

Purdue University has a healthy selection of sports clubs as well as cultural communities that let any student find their place at the institution, additionally it counts with various artistic venues and other entertainment facilities open to any students regardless of their belonging to a club or not.

Part-time work

Purdue University counts with a variety of services to support students looking for a job, with multiple job listings held online and freely available to interested students in either semester and even vacations.


As with most universities, the cost of Tuition Fees depend on the future student’s residency, Indiana Residents will only have to pay $9,992, while nonresidents will see a price increase to $28,794, and International students must pay $30,794.

All of the above prices are per year and in USD.


Purdue University is currently ranked as the 38th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall 31st best university in it’s home country of the United States of America.

University Contact

Address:  610 Purdue Mall West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: 765-494-4600

Email: [email protected]


Purdue University is one of the most competitive institutions in Indiana, and it’s prices are notoriously affordable for it’s residents, this makes it one of the premier colleges for Indiana residents and a very likely pick for  first time undergraduate students in the area.