Singapore Management University


Singapore Management University was established in 2000, however it’s campus had actually hosted a number of institutions before it, all the way back since 1929. 2001 resulted in a large number of upgrades to the established building in an effort to modernize the campus for the new institution while keeping the colonial architecture.

Programs Offered

The amount of undergraduate programs in Singapore Management University is more reduced than average, as of the current year, the university only offers the following programs: 

  • Bachelor of Accountancy 
  • Bachelor of Business Management 
  • Bachelor of Science (Economics)
  • Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) 
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) 
  • Bachelor of Science (Computing & Law) 
  • Bachelor of Laws 
  • Bachelor of Social Science

Admission requirements

Admission to Singapore Management University is mostly based on high-school performance from it’s prospective students, however with an acceptance rate of 48.8% and a expected grade point average of 3.64, acceptance can be more challenging than it seems a first glance.

When choosing to pursue Singapore Management University it’s important to keep your grades up from early on, and to excel in studies even before applying to college.

Student Life

Singapore Management University counts with a wide variety of sports clubs for their students to participate in, from team sports to martial arts.

The arts and culture offering is not any less impressive, members of the Arts & Cultural Fraternity (enjoy ample opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with neighboring institutions.

Part-time work

Singapore Management University counts with it’s own Student Employment System which is managed mainly by their Student Employment Unit, the portal is user-friendly and provides employers and undergraduates to a job listing board. In case any doubts or issues present themselves in the use of SES, the university’s staff is willing to offer assistance to facilitate it’s use.


Tuition Fees for Singapore Management University are as follows:

  • Annual Subsidized Fees for Singapore Citizens: $12,000 on average.
  • Annual Subsidized Fees for Permanent Residents: $16,500 on average.
  • Annual Subsidized Fees for International Students: $25,500 on average.
  • Annual Non- Subsidized Fees: $45,000 on average.

Additional miscellaneous student fees in the current year amount to $226.93 for Singapore citizens and residents, and $311.46 for international students, these cover Student Activities as well as Insurance and the multiple IT Facilities hosted by the Singapore Management University.


Singapore Management University is currently ranked as the 788th best university in the world, which makes it the 3rd best university in it’s home country of Singapore.

University Contact

Address:  81 Victoria St, Singapore 188065

Phone: +65 6828 0100

Email: [email protected]


The spot it earns on it’s home country, and it’s quality in education are evident in their somewhat steep admission requirements, if you plan to pursue an education in Singapore and your high-school scores allow you to apply for Singapore Management University, it is definitely an option to consider, as regardless of your pick of program, you’ll be facing a quality course.