Stellenbosch University


Stellenbosch University is the result of multiple renaming and reorganization processes done to multiples institutions across the years, in it’s origins it was the Stellenbosch Gymnasium, founded in 1863, this version would eventually acquire university status and get renamed into Victoria College, only to receive one last name change to Stellenbosch University in 1918, the name it continues to operate with.

Programs Offered

Across it’s 10 faculties, Stellenbosch University offers a wide selection of undergraduate courses to cover all the higher education needs it’s prospective students might have, the following list is a sample of the full catalog Stellenbosch University has to offer:

  • Agricultural Economics and Management 
  • Animal Science 
  • Viticulture and Oenology 
  • Humanities 
  • Language and Culture 
  • Social Dynamics
  • Sustainable development
  • Education
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Law
  • Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Human and Organization Development 
  • Organization and Resource Management
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Theology

Admission requirements

Final year results and proof of graduation are asked of both local and international students for admission at Stellenbosch University, additionally grades are expected to at least be of 50% in general. 

The main difference with other institutions is that Stellenbosch University requires all prospective students to participate in the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs), a set of two tests introduced in South Africa as a tool to measure an student abilities to transfer knowledge, and commonly used as a tool to assess student applications.

Student Life

Student Life at Stellenbosch University is more than varied enough, the institution has a wide range of available sports for students to participate in, and a history of excellence on them, many possible student run clubs to join from all possible branches of life, known in the institution as “Societies” which makes sure to give any student a place to fit in the larger campus life.

Part-time work

Stellenbosch University has 3 main venues to help students find part-time work in the middle of their study process, the first tool is MatiesCareers, a portal that matches up graduates and employers, facilitatin permanent employment, internships and vacation work. MatiesCareer also allows students to register to workshops, as a way to further boost experience.

Stellenbosch also offers Career Fairs that include both employers and graduates and can help students get closer to their future work area, some faculties even host their own specific fairs. And lastly, the institutions does a yearly publication focusing on career choices for graduates and what they can expect out of their future work life, which is free of cost and available both in paper and


Local Students can expect to pay on average an amount close to R 60,000 per year of education, while international students should expect a fee closer to R 80,000 per year.


Stellenbosch University is currently ranked as the 450th best university in the world ranking, which makes it the 3rd best college level institution in it’s home country of South Africa.

University Contact

Address:  Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Phone: +27 21 808 9111

Email: [email protected]


Stellenbosch University comes across as one of the most developed universities in South Africa, with state of the art facilities and the conveniences of an international institution in it’s student life and work portal, the university remains a strong option to anybody pursuing higher education I south Africa.