Sydney University


Sydney University was founded on 1850 by Charles Fitzroy, it’s date making it the first university in Australia. But it wouldn’t be until 1858 that Sidney would obtain it’s Royal Charter, which granted it equal recognition to UK universities. 

In the present day it’s campus is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the entire world, and it’s is known for being one of the most reputable universities, with it’s graduates being the number one most employable in Australia.

Programs Offered

Sydney University counts with a wide breadth of programs for undergraduates to specialize in, the following are some of the programs currently available in Sydney:

  • Accounting 
  • Administrative Law and Policy 
  • American Foreign Policy 
  • Anatomy and Histology 
  • Digital Music and Media 
  • Economics 
  • Food and Agribusiness 
  • Improvised Music 
  • International and Global Studies 
  • Languages 
  • Mathematical Sciences 
  • Medical Science 
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 
  • Neuroscience 
  • Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • Politics and International Relations 
  • Professional Accounting (Program) 
  • Psychology

Admission requirements

Admissions to Sydney University are handled through Australia’s UAC (University Admissions Centre) which is a service that processes applications for universities all across the country, admission to Sydney University is mostly based on 3 criteria, depending on the course, your ATAR, your academic average and your academic performance enabling courses.

Certain courses also have mathematics prerequisites, and if English is not the applicant’s first language, they’ll have to prove their proficiency in it.

Student Life

Sydney University counts with more than 200 clubs on campus, run by students for students, the range of clubs available at Sydney shows the diversity of it’s student population, from language, politics, sports, and even food, it’s possible to find a club for any interest a student might currently have.

Part-time work

Sydney University counts with updated work listings through their Sydney CareerHub portal, and additionally lists other useful sites and locations to keep in mind when looking for work in Australia, if that wasn’t enough it also has articles dedicated to teaching students new to the idea of working the ins and out of the process and the best way to do it while enrolled into a course.


While some programs can skew up to 45,000 AUD most programs for Australian students will come at a cost of around 9,000 AUD per year.

For International Students tuition fee per year will be closer to 35,000 AUD.


Sydney University occupies the 68th spot in the current world university rankings, making it the 4th best university in it’s home country of Australia and one of the top 100 college level institutions in the world.

University Contact

Address:  Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9351 2222

Email: [email protected]


As one of the oldest and most respected institutions in Australia, with some of the best prospects for future employment and a wide range of available programs, Sydney University is the go-to pick for anybody willing to study in Australia, and the ease of application might make the process smoother than it’s reputation would make prospective students think.