University of California Berkeley


Berkeley University has a somewhat amusing origin history, originally the College of California purchased a plot of land with the intention to re-sell it and raise funds in 1866, this however failed, and with the additional land the university changed it’s plan, merging with a state-run college and relocating to it’s new land, which resulted in the creation of the current Berkeley University.

Programs Offered

Divided into five colleges, the University of California Berkeley offers a wdie selection of undergraduate programs; the following list is a sample of the full catalog available at UC Berkeley:

  • Arts and Humanities Art
  • History of Art 
  • Practice of Celtic 
  • Dance and Performance Studies 
  • Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
  • Computer Science 
  • African American 
  • Cognitive Science 
  • Japan Developmental 
  • Chemical Biology 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Bioengineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering 
  • Bioengineering & Business Administration 
  • Architecture 
  • Landscape Architecture 
  • Sustainable Environmental Design 
  • Urban Studies
  • Conservation and Resource Studies 
  • Ecosystem Management and Forestry 
  • Business Administration

Admission requirements

As expected, the University of California Berkeley needs a prospective student proof of graduation and high school scores foradmisison, however due to it’s fame, expected score averages are easier to find, for admission into UC Berkeley you should ideally fulfill the following:

  • 3.85 or higher unweighted GPA 
  • 4.39 or higher weighted GPA 
  • 2171 SAT Reasoning Test

Student Life

Life at UC Berkeley rarely stands still, the university counts with athletic activities both for recreation and more competitive environments, while it’s selection of hundreds of student organization give a home to any student in it’s campus, and a wide and incredibly organized selection of events means there’s always something going on in campus for the students’ enjoyment.

Part-time work

The University of California Berkeley fully supports students pursuing part-time work, and has quite a few tools for this end, Handshake is the Career Center’s exclusive online database, which hosts a variety of positions located on campus or within a reasonable distance.

Additionally students eligible for financial aid can receive a Work Study award. And various facilities in campus often require part-time workers with listing separates from Handshake, like the libraries and dining services.


The University of California Berkeley has an estimated Tuition Fee both for Californian and Non-Californian residents, currently amounting to USD $14,184, however non-residents get an extra fee of $29,754, and all students must join the Student Health Insurance Plan, which has an additional cost of $2,994.

Summing it up, UC Berkeley has an estimated student budget of $29,078 for local students and $66,426 for non-residents, both of which include boarding.


Currently the University of California, Berkeley is ranked at the number 5 place in both the world’s university ranking and the United States of America national ranking, making it one of the most renowned universities one can find in the world.

University Contact

Address:  Berkeley, CA, United States of America

Phone: 510-642-6000

Email: [email protected]


Not many universities can get to be in the single digits when it comes to both international and national rankings, UC Berkeley is quite simply one of the best institutions out there, and if you can afford both it’s admission requirements and it’s tuition fees, it’s definitely going to provide a quality education the likes of which cant be found just anywhere else.