University of Edinburg


The University of Edinburg was founded in 1582, a fact that makes it one of the oldest universities in the English speaking world. Originally it started as a College of Law, to an admittedly complicated start, however with the turn of the 18th century the institution found a name for itself as one of the main institutions at the center of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Programs Offered

The University of Edinburg currently offers the following Degrees:

  • Science 
  • Engineering 
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics 
  • Science 
  • Informatics 
  • Mathematics 

However, due to the various subject areas it tackles, and the multiple specializations it offers the full catalog feels a little bigger than that, the following is a sample of the subjects available for study at the University of Edinburg:

  • Accounting 
  • Agricultural Science 
  • Archaeology 
  • Architecture and Architectural History & Heritage 
  • Biological Sciences 
  • Biomedical Sciences 
  • Chemistry 
  • Cognitive Science 
  • Computer Science 
  • Earth Sciences 
  • Ecological and Environmental Sciences 
  • English Language 
  • French and Francophone Studies 
  • Integrative Biomedical Sciences 
  • Landscape Architecture 
  • Oral Health Sciences 
  • Scandinavian Studies 
  • Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American 
  • Theology and Religious Studies 
  • Veterinary Medicine

Admission requirements

Application to the University of Edinburgh is handled through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), this UK organization handles a large number of applications to British universities.

Other than that admission is mostly based on high-school scores, which range from course to course and can be checked through the university’s Degree Finder, but in average amounts to an expected 40-30 points in International Baccalaureate.

Student Life

With a combination of modern facilities, a booming nightlife and entertainment culture as well as an abundance of parks and green areas Edinburgh establishes itself as one of the most enjoyable cities for a student in the UK.

The university doesn’t fare any less better, it’s sports and fitness program is one of the leading ones across the entire UK, it’s selection of clubs and societies offers over 250 options to students looking for another way to express their passions on campus, and it’s state of the art facilities are constantly available to all students enrolled into the institution.

Part-time work

While the University of Edinburgh accepts and supports students who take part-time work, it does have a set of recommendations for it, according to them, undergraduates shouldn’t work above 15 hours a week, and if they deem it fitting, the university might restrict the work they offer to students to fit those requirements.

The main tool to find work as a student in the institution is MyCareerHub, the online portal for the university’s career services, which lists internship and research openings, and also holds information on recruitment agencies.


If you are a UK citizen who is already a resident of Scotland, or you are a citizen of another EU country studying for your first undergraduate degree, then there will be no direct tuition fees at the University of Edinburgh. 

For all other cases however, the average annual Tuition Fee in the University of Edinburgh is around £24,000.


The University of Edinburgh is currently ranked as the 43th best college level institution in the world ranking, making it the best 4th best University in the United Kingdom.

University Contact

Address:  Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, UK

Phone: +44 (0)131 650 1000

Email: [email protected].


With a wide selection of courses and a history of quality, the University of Edinburgh presents itself as a wonderful option both for residents and other UK students, the possibility of pursuing a tuition-free education only sweetens the deal, and with clear cut-off marks and a simple application process Edinburgh might just be one of the more convenient picks for an university in the region.