University of Hagen


The University of Hagen was the result of the desire to establish a university at Hagen with a focus on distance teaching, with the main goal to allow students to pursue education at the same time they work, ultimately the institution was inaugurated in 1975 to fulfill that idea. 

Currently it is Germany’s number one institution when it comes to distance education, and has over 83,000 students. Hagen is a member of various organizations like EUA (European University Association), EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) and has accreditation through ACQUIN and FIBAA.

Programs Offered

Through it’s five faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Psychology, Business Administration and Economics and Law, the University of Hagen offers the following programs for undergraduates:

  • Educational Science 
  • Cultural Studies specializing in History, Literary Studies, Philosophy 
  • Political Science, Administrative Sciences, Sociology 
  • Mathematics 
  • Computer Science 
  • Business Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Business Computer Science
  • Law

Admission requirements

As the University of Hagen only counts with courses in German, the results of a German Language Proficiency test will be asked for all international studies, ultimately beyond that, the requirement is simply a higher education qualification, their focus on allowing everybody to pursue higher education, means that the University of Hagen isn’t as demanding when it comes requirements for admission as other institutions.

Student Life

For the University of Hagen diversity goes above all and it largely committed to equal opportunities in education. As such Hagen focuses on allowing making sure people from all ranges of life,  whether that means employed, handicapped, or living abroad, have a fair chance at pursuing a higher education.

Roughly 80% of Hagen’s student body is in regular employment, and this has resulted in a large focus on building a network that can properly support distance education, when it comes to the University of Hagen Student Life might just end up meaning  your regular life, courses can be handled from home or sporadically, after all, Hagen’s priority is that anybody can find a spot for higher education suited to their needs.

Part-time work

Part-time work is actually really common for students in Germany, a survey shows that in roughly two thirds of all students go to work, while the University of Hagen does not seem to directly count with a part-time work program, it does keep flexibility in mind, as it counts with virtual and remote lessons designed to grant students from all lanes of lives and all kinds of employment commitments a fair chance to study.

While international students from the EU or EEA have little to no restrictions on work, the situation can be somewhat more limited for international students which do not fit the above, while they are allowed to work 120 full or 240 half days in a year, German law prevents them from pursuing freelance work.


As a public university in Germany, education in the University of Hagen is actually free for most courses, and in this case the courtesy extends to all EU Students.

International Students on the other hand should expect a fee around 1000 USD which mostly covers miscellaneous needs.


The University of Hagen is currently ranked as the 1653th best University in the world, making it the 73th best College Level Institution in Germany.

University Contact

Address:  Universitätsstraße 47, 58097 Hagen, Germany

Phone: +49 2331 9872444

Email: [email protected]


The focus on the University of Hagen is clearly open possibilities, the university is fully geared towards allowing any kind of individual regardless of their personal or professional commitments to obtain a higher education degree in their own terms, in their own time, while this means that it might not be the most exciting prospect for recently graduate high school students, those who already have a work career or find themselves limited in time or mobility will find in the University of Hagen their ideal University.