University of Johannesburg


The history of the University of Johannesburg can be longer than what it’s somewhat recent foundation date implies. Back in the Johannesburg Gold Rush various training institutions were founded as a way to prepare the workers the gold mines was demanded, and amongst them was the Witwatersrand Technical Institute. Afterwards with the independence of South Africa came a desire to educate the population in their native Afrikaans language, which led to the creation of the Rand Afrikaans University.

These 2 institutions would then be merged in 2005, creating the University of Johannesburg, it’s main goal being to create a university which would focus on the unification of it’s peopl

Programs Offered

The University of Johannesburg offers a wide selection of article rewriting service across it’s 8 faculties, the following is a sample of the entire catalog offered by the institution:

  • Architecture
  • Digital Media Design
  • Communication Design
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Management and Governance
  • Intermediate Phase Teaching
  • Life Sciences
  • Civil Engineering
  • Physical Metallurgy
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Biokinetics
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Community Development and Leadership
  • Law
  • Applied Physics
  • Biochemistry and Botany

Admission requirements

Application to the University of Johannesburg can be done in person or online, however the former does incur an extra fee. Prospective students can only apply to 2 courses per semester, and must provide their graduation certificates or proof they are in grade 12, additionally international students most show proof of English Language Proficiency or take the University of Johannesburg English Language Programme Test (UJELP).

Cut-off points in the University of Johannesburg are handled through an student’s Admission Point Score, so the institution recommends to properly check a course details before applying.

Student Life

With 4 campuses available to students, the University of Johannesburg has gone to great lengths to offer it’s student the best possible experience, if that weren’t enough students who reside away from campus get transportation benefits’ and all students have free access to the institution’s psychology, disability and career services.

Of course, entertainment is also part of the experience, and the University of Johannesburg counts with multiple theaters and dance studios so students can pursue and experience various forms of art expression, as well as having multiple sports clubs to stay fit and continue pursuing their passions outside of the classroom.

Part-time work

The University of Johannesburg counts with it’s own dedicated employment portal in the form of YourCareer, the website is accessible to students and graduates through their uLink account, which is granted to all students, allows them to find potential employment opportunities.


Tuition Fees for Residents: R 3,870

Tuition Fees for International Students: On average R 40,000


The University of Johannesburg is currently ranked as the 826th best college level institution in the world, making it the 6th best university in it’s home country of South Africa.

University Contact

Address:  25 Louisa St, Doornfontein, Johannesburg, 2028, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 559 4555

Email: [email protected]


As one of the largest institutions in South Africa the University of Johannesburg can be best described as prepared, from it’s facilities, to it’s courses and even it’s multiple student services there’s no doubt the institution is ready to handle all needs a prospective student might have while pursuing higher education, and as such coupled with it’s vast course selection it’s definitely one option to take into account when choosing where to study in South Africa.