University of Santo Tomas

History of University of Santo Tomas

University of Santo Tomas was one of the first higher education institutions in Colombia, having been founded in 1580 by the Dominican Order.

It was around the 1940s that the University of Santo Tomas began it’s own modernization process, and these practices resulted in the University to become the first one in Colombia to receive a High Quality Multicampus Accreditation.

Nowadays the university has campuses in multiple cities and is in the process to obtain it’s International Accreditation.

Programs Offered

Currently the University of Santo Tomas counts with the following programs in it’s main campus

  • Business Administration
  • Social Communication
  • Accounting
  • Physical Culture
  • Law
  • Design 
  • Economy
  • Statistic
  • International Relationships
  • Engineering
  • Philosophy
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Sociology
  • Theology

Admission requirements

University of Santo Tomas operates it’s admissions on an interview basis, the first step to take into account is the start of semester dates, to start your semester at the start of the year, the inscription process will start early September and end on early December.

The process can be handled easily on their official website, and as per Colombian norm, it must include a copy of your Saber 11 test, which remains active.

After paying the pre-inscription fees you’ll be scheduled an interview and test date depending on your chosen course, your admittance will be based on both factors, and if all goes well you’ll get a receipt to pay for your course’s semester. University of Santo Tomas has a heavy focus on human values as the core of their education and social environment, at the core of their beliefs their students must be.

Student Life

University of Santo Tomas has a heavy focus on human values as the core of their education and social environment, a the core of their beliefs their students must be

  • Humanitarian, being invested in their own growth as people as well as the wellbeing of their community.
  • Socio-affective, having a strong sense of integrity and self-esteem.
  • Investigative, showing interest in the pursuit of knowledge. 

However this is very much anthropocentric in nature, as the institution is dedicated to making sure it’s students will perform to the best of their abilities both in educational and emotional environments.

Part-time work

University of Santo Tomas doesn’t have a particular stance on part-time work, provided you are fulfilling your duties to your program it’s okay to have a part-time job or even a full-time one, on the other hand the University of Santo Tomas itself doesn’t have it’s own employment program for students.


Fees can vary depending on the program and current year, but the following are the average prices

Pre-inscription Fee: 150.000 COP

Program Fee per Semester: 5.000.000 COP


University of Santo Tomas currently occupies the 30th place in the Colombian ranking of universities, and 3582 in the world total, while 30 might sound like a low place at first, a large part of it has to do with Colombia’s university culture, which has a very high abundance of institutions, with many cities being known as university cities, as a result that 30th place is actually in the top 15% of the entire country.

University of Santo Tomas Contact

Address:  University of Santo Tomas, Main Building, Carrera 9  51-11, Bogota, Colombia

Phone: 01 8000 111 180

Email: [email protected]


While it’s religious background and it’s firmly defined student ideology might sound harsh at first if you aren’t used to catholic education, it actually is a very common element in Colombian education, and is simply their structured way of showing care towards the student body, by making sure their emotional aspect is as well cared as their knowledge pursuits, you don’t need to be Catholic either, or even religious, as the University is open and welcoming to all brands of faith.

With a long background in the region, a dedicated college body and great prices University of Santo Tomas is a very good choice if you are interested in studying in Colombia.