University of Stuttgart


The university of Stuttgart was originally founded in 1829, under the name of the Technical University of Stuttgart, back then it had a heavy focus on technical science, a trait that it never quite left behind, because nowadays the institution is ranked as the 79th best in the globe when it comes to Engineering and Technology, and is overall considered to be one of the bet universities in the mechanical fields.

Programs Offered

The following are some of the programs offered by the University of Stuttgart:

  • Aerospace Engineering 
  •  Architecture and Urban Planning 
  • Art History 
  • Biology 
  • Business Administration 
  • Chemistry and Bioengineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Computer Science 
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Food Chemistry 
  • Geodesy and Geoinformatics 
  • History of Natural Sciences and Technology 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Medical Engineering 
  • Political 
  • Sociology 
  • Technical Biology 
  • Transport Engineering 
  • Vocational Education / Technical Education

Admission requirements

All Applications to the University of Stuttgart are handled by C@MPUS, Stuttgart’s own Campus-Management-System; applicants must have German language proficiency, and a proof of it for admission.

On top of this certain programs might require an additional entrance examination.

Student Life

The University of Stuttgart counts with many activities within it’s campus for it’s student body, there are multiple university and course groups, and new ones can be approved by it’s student union (Stuvus), Stuttgart also counts with many athletic and sports offerings, a Cross Cultural Mentoring Program and even it’s own Radio Station.

Part-time work

Part-time work happens to be really common for students in Germany, surveys show that roughly 66% of students have a job, while in the case of the University of Stuttgart it explicitly mentions that a full-time job is not possible while enrolled in their courses, it does offer student assistant positions inside the university, and the employment agency of the city of Stuttgart also has openings for students.

While students from the EU or EEA have little to no restrictions on work, the situation is slightly more complex for international students, German law prevents them from pursuing freelance work and they are only allowed to work 120 full or 240 half days in a year.


General Semester Fee: EUR 180.40

Semester Fee for International Students: EUR 1500.00


The University of Stuttgart currently occupies the 331st place in the world ranking of universities, making it the 21st best university in Germany.

University Contact

Address:  Keplerstraße 7, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

Phone: +49 711 6850

Email: [email protected]


Engineering is and has always been Stuttgart’s main strength, it’s courses in the technical sciences are widely celebrated in the world, and the economical circumstances of the city itself only help to make it an even better pick to pursue an education in those areas, with it’s strong reputation and strong future employment prospects, the University of Stuttgart is one to keep in mind of any student with an interest in Engineering and handling of the German language.