University of the Arts London


The history of the University of the Arts London or UAL dates all the way back to the year 1986, when seven separate colleges in the areas of art and design were brought together to form the London Institute, slowly the institute came to be known as a single entity, and the separation between the colleges vanished altogether, the turn of the century would then bring the biggest change, as the London Institute finally applied to receive university status, which it finally obtained in 2004, renaming into the University of the Arts London.

Currently the University of the Arts London operates through it’s 6 constituent colleges, and offers degrees in the areas of design, fashion, arts and performing arts.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 6 constituent colleges, the University of the Arts London offers well over a hundred unique courses aimed at undergraduate students, all with a focus on the areas of art, fashion and design.

 Due to the large selection of courses at the University of the Arts London, the following list will only be a small sample of the full catalog available at the institution.

  • FdA Illustration
  • Fine Art
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Fashion Photography
  • Marketing
  • Fashion Sportswear
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Fashion Management
  • Graphic Communication Design
  • Textile Design

Admission requirements

The nature of an art school means that application requirements at the University of the Arts London aren’t as generalized as they are in other institutions, each course has vastly differing requirements, in general however a student can apply to most courses with a high-school diploma, good scores on art classes, a proof of their English requirement and a portfolio of their artistic work.

While it’s not a requirement per se for any course, the university does recommend students to opt for a pre-degree course to make the integration into the career easier on the student.

Student Life

The University of the Arts London is invested in offering it’s student body a complete college experience beyond just classes, this includes a dedication for their entertainment and wellbeing, which can be seen in their selection of societies, clubs and unique events aimed at letting their students socialize in a sage environment.

Part-time work

Creative Opportunities is the University of the Arts London main online tool to connect students and graduate students to a variety of job and internship opportunities, the portal is free to use and is a helpful tool in the budding career of any art student.


The Tuition Fee for an undergraduate course at the University of the Arts London amounts to £9,250 per semester for local and EU students, international students however will see themselves facing a semester fee of £22,920 starting from 2020, and additionally must pay an extra £2,000 pre-payment to secure a place on their desired course.


The University of the Arts London is currently ranked as the 1728th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall 103rd best university in it’s home country of the United Kingdom.

University Contact

Address:  272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7514 6000

Email: [email protected]


The University of the Arts London has a rank that doesn’t necessarily represent it’s qualifications, as a result of being such an specialized institution a large selection of prospective students will simply have no reason to consider applying, but for those with a real passion on those areas of the arts, it is one of the most prestigious and competitive institutions in the entire EU, and should be a dream pick for them.