Technical University of Munich


Founded in 1868, the road to become the current Technical University of Munich would nonetheless prove to be a long one, it took until the 1900s for it to be allowed to grant doctorates, and it wasn’t until the reconstruction processes across the entire country as result of the post-war era that the institution would finally modernize itself and obtain it’s current name, during the year 1970.

Programs Offered

The following are some of the undergraduate programs offered by the Technical University of Munich through it’s 15 departments:

  • Bioeconomics
  • Brewing and Beverage Technology
  • Chemical Biotechnology
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Forest Science and Resource Management
  • Geodesy and Geoinformation
  • Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering
  • Teaching at Academic Secondary Schools – Scientific Education
  • Life Sciences Nutrition
  • Psychology with Specialization in School Psychology for Teacher Certification at Vocational Schools
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Informatics: Games Engineering

Admission requirements

Generally speaking the Technical University of Munich has three different criteria for student admissions, some programs are considered unrestricted, whichmeans that as long as the student delivers their documentation on time, they’ll be admitted.

Other programs are restricted, or quite simply, have a fixed number of spots available, in this case admission is largely based on score averages.

Some restricted programs will also have their own unique method to grade prospective students as listed in detail in their information requirements, in this case interviews might also be required, but overall the general admission process isn’t that different from the other restricted programs.

Student Life

The Technical University of Munich actively encourages multiple character-building activities in the form of festivals, the creation of student bodies and other clubs like music or sports, as well as actively supporting creative research projects.

Part-time work

Part-time work is actually really common for students in Germany, the Technical University of Munich counts with the Alumni & Career recruiting portal, their own student focused portal which offers a selection of jobs outside of the university. 

Companies utilize the portal to advertise student jobs and internships, and various institutes and department chairs in the university also place ads for student jobs, internships and academic theses positions on their bulletin board.


The Technical University of Munich does not count with Tuition Fees for most undergraduate programs, as such the main fee in the university is the student union and basic semester ticket fees, which ultimately amounts to 129.40 Euro per semester.


The Technical University of Munich is currently ranked as the 103rd best college level institution in the world, making it the 3rd best university in it’s home country of Germany.

University Contact

Address:  Arcisstraße 21, D-80333 Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 89 289 01

Email: [email protected]


The Technical University of Munich is one of the most prestigious institutions in Germany, and the ease of enrolling on it, due to it’s lack of fees and the abundance of unrestricted undergraduate programs make it an option all Germans should aim for, and one of the strongest potential picks for international students on a budget.