Technological University Dublin


The Technological University Dublin saw officially opened on 2019, the result of a process that began back in 2014, which saw 3 institutes of technology, Blanchardstown, Tallaght and the original Dublin Institute of Technology choose to apply for a merger, in an attempt to centralize technological education in the area, as well as making an institution that would stand above the existing 14 institutes of technology.

While this present form of the institution is notoriously young, as it in large part took over the existing programs and  operations of the previously mentioned institutions, TU Dublin can be seen as the most recent iteration of an education process that has been going on in Ireland since 1887, and it can be expected that this new merger will just mean new milestones for the institution and education in the country as a whole.

Programs Offered

The Technological University Dublin currently counts with 4 colleges (Arts & Tourism, Business, Sciences & Health and Engineering & Built Environment) from which it offers well over 50 undergraduate programs to prospective students.

As such the following list is just a small sample of the full catalog available at TU Dublin:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Architecture
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Bar and Restaurant Management
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Electrical Services and Energy Management
  • Game Design
  • Marketing
  • Optometry
  • Social Care
  • Visual Art

Admission requirements

The main requirement when it comes to TU Dublin is largely high-school results, however one biug advantage at the institution is that your scores don’t have to be converted, as long as you add a document explaining how your grades were measured in your country of origin, your results will be assessed from that system, which can help maintain the fidelity of your real scores.

Student Life

TU Dublin counts with well over 150 student clubs and societies for the entertainment and development of it’s student body, the large selection allows students to meet fellows with similar interests, and largely means no student will be left peerless in the institution, as there is a club for anybody.

Part-time work

eRecruit is the main employment tool for the Technological University Dublin, while it is largely aimed at graduates who wish to pursue a career on the university itself, it does on occasion list job opportunities aimed at enrolled students. Outside of it students will need to depend on external job platforms or direct job hunting to seek employment.


The main fee at TU Dublin is the Student Contribution Charge, currently set at €3,000 per year, most course Tuition Fees are notoriously lower, generally set at €810, however some go as low as €250, while a few can break the €2000 mark. In general a year could in average amount to €4,000 on fees.

National and resident students can apply in certain cases to the country’s Free Fees Scheme, that means that if they fit the requirements the government will pay part of their fees.


The Technological University Dublin is currently ranked as the 1059th best college level institution in the world, making it the 7th best university in it’s home country of ireland

University Contact

Address: Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin, Ireland.

Phone: +353 1 885 1000

Email: [email protected]


TU Dublin is ideal for resident undergraduate students pursuing a career for the first time, as through ireland’s  Free Fees Scheme they might find themselves pursuing their career at a notoriously reduced price, the lack of a proper work platform can hurt students who don’t apply for the former, but the large catalog of courses might just turn you around in that case.