Seoul National University


Founded in 1946, what we now know as Seoul National University is actually the result of a merger never before seen in the country, involving 10 different universities around Seoul, most of which were originally founded by King Gojong, first emperor of Korea, in his efforts to help modernize the country through education.

In the present day the National University is the most famous and respected higher education institution in all of South Korea, with three different campuses and over 10,000 enrolled students. The institutions has become a synonym with quality and progress in the country, and the university receives more applications than all 8 of it’s closest competitors combined.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate courses at Seoul National University are organized through 15 unique and highly specialized colleges, this means that each one offers a small selection of courses or in some cases a single one, overall the university offers a little bit over 30 undergraduate programs, some of which can be pursued as a combined minor.

The following is a sample of the full catalog available at the institution:

  • Korean Language 
  • Asian History 
  • Western History 
  • Archaeology and Art History 
  • Economics 
  • Anthropology 
  • Social Welfare
  • Mathematical Sciences 
  • Physics and Astronomy 
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Science and Biotechnology 
  • Applied Biology 
  • Landscape Architecture and Rural System 
  • Business Administration
  • Sculpture

Admission requirements

Application at Seoul National University Starts as early as July, at which point students are expected to submit their online application, as well as physically deliver their documentation in the case of local students.

Certain colleges like the College of Fine Art might require an additional test for applicants, in which case they’ll be directly notified. 

While certain students will also be requested to take a Korean proficiency test after admission.

Student Life

The Campus at Seoul National University counts with a wide selection of facilities for the wellbeing of it’s student body, this includes a variety of dining facilities, which even includes a vegetarian buffet at building 101, as well as computer labs and copy machines and multiple floors in it’s buildings exclusively dedicated to student clubs, allowing students to make the most out of their stay at campus.

Part-time work

While Seoul National University does not prohibit part-time work it doesn’t count with a strong platform to help students pursue it either, as such outside of direct job hunting, the main tools available to students are platforms like SISA, the International Students Association of the university and NOPI Study, a program designed to allow South Korea students to act as paid tutors.


Tuition Fees at Seoul National University average at KRW 3,000,000; with the most expensive program at the institution, Medicine, reaching a cost of KRW 5,038,000.


The Seoul National University is currently ranked as the 116th best college level institution in the world, which makes it the overall number one university in it’s home country of South Korea.

University Contact

Address:  1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826

Phone: 82-2-880-5114

Email: [email protected]


Seoul National University shows it’s preparation in it’s facilities and the strong bases of it’s courses, those who can afford it will be hard pressed to find a better institution in the country, while international students might prefer to enroll nationally and later apply to an exchange program, the institution nonetheless holds interesting prospects even to foreign students which can get to experience a different teaching process or pursue internationally accredited courses in an environment welcoming to people of all countries.