Sungkyunkwan University


Sungkyunkwan University has a history as large and expansive as South Korea itself, and it’s not surprising the institution has played a key role in the development of the country across the ages.

Originally founded in 992, Gukjagam was the main educational institution the country had to offer during the Goryeo Dynasty, the institution would later rename itself to Sungkyunkwan and establish Hyanggyo, or provincial branch schools, which would set the basis for the national education system.

Globalization brought with it many changes to the institution, through war and peace the institution would be shunned by occupying countries, then grandly reopened by others, ultimately it was at the latter portion of the 50s that the institution would see it’s largest reforms, properly bringing the institution to the modern era.

Programs Offered

With 16 faculties Sungkyunkwan University counts with an impressive selection of undergraduate courses in all possible areas of life, with well over 40 undergraduate courses the full catalog of the university cant be shared here, as such the following is only a small sample of the complete academic offering at Sungkyunkwan University:

  • Oriental Studies
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Social Welfare
  • Child Psychology and Education
  • Economics
  • Global Business Administration
  • Mathematics Education
  • Theatre
  • Biological Sciences
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Software
  • Architecture
  • Pharmacy
  • Bio-Mechatronic Engineering

Admission requirements

The main requirement to enroll into Sungkyunkwan University is a student’s high school results during their last few years at school, and a graduation certificate approved by the South Korean government for application. In the case of internationals students, proficiency in both Korean and English is required, the intensity of the latter will vary depending of the major.

Student Life

In it’s continued efforts to offer it’s student body the best possible experience during their stay at the institution, Sungkyunkwan University not only counts with a wide variety of facilities and activities for students to partake in, but even goes out of it’s way to have a planned schedule by year, on how to best support students on each step of their education, Sungkyunkwan University’s very own Student Roadmap.

Part-time work

Part-time work is allowed at Sungkyunkwan University both for it’s local and international students, however it does come with an expectation to keep up at studies, as such the institution only allows students who reached a desired average the previous semester to partake on it.

International Students also face some limitations, and require an additional permit from the school before being allowed to apply for work.


Students at Sungkyunkwan University can expect to pay 6,800,000 KRW on average per semester at the institution, additionally there’s an entrance fee of 1,198,000 KRW all students must pay on their first year.

While accommodation outside of the university is possible, Sungkyunkwan University offers it’s own to students, with an estimated cost of $675 per month when food and transportation are considered.


Sungkyunkwan University is currently ranked as the 454th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall fifth best university in it’s home country of South Korea.

University Contact


Phone: +82-2-760-0025

Email: [email protected]


Sungkyunkwan University offers quality courses and a campus fully committed to the wellbeing of it’s student body, it’s quality is undeniable and it’s course selection wide enough to fit most interests, students who can afford it will see in it a great option to pursue their first career and if not they might be able to apply for one of it’s scholarships, all in all Sungkyunkwan University is a great option for education at the country.