Singapore Institute of Technology


Founded in 2009, with the main goal of developing individuals and their talents to positively impact society, the Singapore Institute of Technology currently operates as an autonomous university in the country of Singapore.

Programs Offered

The following are some of the undergraduate programs offered by the Singapore Instititute of Technology or through partnerships across it’s 5 faculties:

  • Aircraft Systems 
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering 
  • Telematics 
  • Aerospace Engineering 
  • Marine Engineering 
  • Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering 
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering 
  • Food Technology 
  • Information and Communications Technology 
  • Computer Science and Game Design 
  • Interactive Simulation 
  • Digital Art and Animation 
  • Diagnostic Radiography 
  • Dietetics and Nutrition 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Radiation Therapy 
  • Nursing 
  • Air Transport Management 
  • Hospitality Business

Admission requirements

Applications for new students are handled through the Singapore Institute of Technology online application portal, however some details of the application are slightly different from norm, in the Singapore Institute of Technology applicants can list up to 5 programs of their interest, and their choice order is taken into consideration.

So it’s perfectly possible for an applicant not to get accepted for their first pick of program and still join the university, this is complimented by the university’s policy to make sure to go beyond grades when choosing from it’s applicants, prior exposure to areas that are relevant to the chosen program, be it work experience, internship or a demonstration of their passion for the topic goes a long way to help an applicant be accepted.

Student Life

Variety is the spice of life in the Singapore Institute of Technology, the institution counts with multiple sport courts for all sorts of occasion, a fully equipped gym and dance studio, for less intensive training there’s a zone dedicated to cue sports, and a fully furnished student lounge.

Clubs aren’t any less varied, aside from all the sports focused ones , students can participate in artistic ones that range from photography to theatre, and even more unique specialty clubs like foodie, computer coding or even scuba clubs.

The Singapore Institute of Technology provides and environment where no interest is too niche and no club isn’t possible to develop, there’s definitely something for everybody in it.

Part-time work

Most of the economic support offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology is in the form or bursaries and loans, that isn’t to say that the institution has a policy against part-time work, far from it, Singapore laws allow even international students to work on their student visa alone if the right conditions are met, but on it’s own the university doesn’t have any dedicated programs to help students pursue part-time work.


Unlike most universities, the Singapore Institute of Technology lists tuition fees for a complete career instead of listing individual semesters, something to keep in mind if the prices seem elevated at first, the following are the average tuition fees depending on the nationality of the student:

  • Singapore Citizens: 25,000 SGD
  • Permanent Residents: 60,000 SGD
  • International Students: 80,000 SGD
  • Non-Subsided Fees: 130,000 SGD


The Singapore Institute of Technology is currently ranked as the number 5425 university in the global ranking, making it the 13th best university in Singapore.

University Contact

Address:  10 Dover Drive Singapore 138683

Phone: +65 6592 1189

Email: [email protected]


The inclusion of upfront cost for an entire career makes the Singapore Institute of Technology one easy to plan a budget around, and it’s partnerships with multiple institutions gives students a lot of room to develop their career, coupled with all it’s student services, it’s a choice worth considering if one of your desired programs is available on it.