University of Waterloo


What we now know as the University of Waterloo had it’s first steps in Waterloo College. Druing the 1950s it’s president focused heavily on acquiring funds to expand the institution, resulting in the creation of the Waterloo College Associate Faculties in 1956, which later would find itself split from the College and reformed as the University of Waterloo.

It is currently famous for it’s co-operative education programs, which offer students the opportunity to integrated education and work experience, resulting in stronger bases for their future career.

Programs Offered

Through it’s 6 Faculties, the University of Waterloo offers over 100 undergraduate programs, the following are a sample of their full catalog:

  • Accounting and Financial Management 
  • Actuarial Science 
  • Applied Mathematics 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • English 
  • Environment and Business 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Management Engineering 
  • Materials and Nanosciences 
  • Medieval Studies 
  • Physics and Astronomy 
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies 
  • Theatre and Performance

Admission requirements

The main requirements for admission a high school diploma or alternatively an equivalent from a school the Ontario Ministry of Education approves and the average scores of the student during that last year at high-school.

Of course the required scores can vary from program to program, but the cut-off is usually close to 80 for the majority of courses, and in some of them admission isn’t granted on score alone, and while applicants will be judged on that front, they’ll be ultimately chosen on a case by case basis.

Student Life

One of the great perks about studying in the University of Waterloo is that all students who need it get guaranteed residence, both residences are located on campus, and offer personal and academic support such as Living-Learning Communities and social activities designed to help students adjust to living away from home.

The University of Waterloo also offers over 250 Student Clubs, as well as sports teams and campus fitness and recreation programs, and the entertainment doesn’t have to end on campus either, with one of the youngest populations in Canada, Waterloo is full with services and restaurants aimed at students, with no shortage of activities to go.

Part-time work

Waterloo’s work-study program offers part-time work, in the form of on-campus jobs for full-time students with financial need, these are offered through all the faculties in the university, and salary per term ranges from $1500$2000.

Additionally the university counts with it’s own work portal WaterlooWorks which offers a direct way for companies to post job listings for students and alumni to see, granting yet another way to obtain work while studying.


Fees for Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents: On average $8,000 CAD

Fees for International Students: On average $40,000 CAD


The University of Waterloo is currently ranked as the 85th university in the world, making it the 5th best college level institution in it’s home country of Canada.

University Contact

Address:  295 Phillip St, Waterloo, ON N2L 3W8, Canada

Phone: +1 519-888-4567

Email: [email protected]


While admission to the University of Waterloo admittedly is steep, the presence of it’s co-op programs means that any of it’s students will be fully trained for their future work environment, and for those who don’t reside in Ontario, their guaranteed residences can make all the difference when choosing a university.