University of British Columbia


The University of British Columbia can trace it’s origins back to the year 1877 when the first proposal for a provincial university were formed. The process however proved to be longer than expected and it took until 1908 through the British Columbia University Act for the university to be properly established. 

This makes it the oldest university in British Columbia, and for a long time is has been considered to be one of the 3 best universities in the entire country.

Programs Offered

The University of British Columbia offers a wide selection of undergraduate programs across their two campuses, and organized around 10 topics of interest; the following are some of the courses currently available for undergraduates:

  • Anthropology 
  • Applied Animal Biology 
  • Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and 
  • Art History and Visual Culture 
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering Okanagan 
  • Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies 
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology 
  • Dental Hygiene 
  • Education: Elementary and Middle Years 
  • First Nations and Endangered Languages 
  • Freshwater Science 
  • Global Resource Systems 
  • Kinesiology: Neuromechanical and Physiological Sciences 
  • Mathematical Sciences 
  • Medieval Studies 
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 
  • Romance Studies 
  • Theatre: Design and 
  • Wood Products Processing

Admission requirements

All prospective students must be able to prove their English language proficiency, but the specific details vary after that, Canadian students must have achieved a minimum of 70% in Grade 11 or Grade 12 English, while International students are required to have attended one full year of studies in a another university before transferring.

Student Life

The University of British Columbia counts with over 300 clubs available for their students, making sure there is a club for everybody’s interests, the sense of community is second to none, and friendships built on them are known to last a lifetime. Athletics don’t fare any worse, the multitude of sports teams and facilities allow students to pursue their athletic dreams or simply stay in shape while pursuing their education.

Part-time work

The University of British Columbia counts with a wide variety on campus jobs for it’s student body, some of these offers don’t come directly from the university but rather student organizations, or private contractors who operate on campus.

On-campus jobs offered by the university are mostly related to it’s various facilities, and range from working on the bookstores or library to joining the food services staff.

Students can request help from advisors through student services to pursue and manage their part-time work, making the experience even easier on them.


Tuition Fees in the University of British Columbia are handled per credit, Canadian citizens and permanent residents pay $179.97 per credit, while International Students pay $1,306.58.

As such Citizens and Residents will roughly pay $6,000 per year, while International Students will see an amount closer to $40,000.


The University of British Columbia is currently ranked as the 28th best university in the world, making it the 2nd best university in it’s home country of Canada.

University Contact

Address:  2329 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Phone: 604 822 2211

Email: [email protected]


It’s long history and reputation in the region coupled with it’s unique facilities make it an ideal pick for most students in Canada, while the science faculties will prove the most interesting at first sight, it’s results in other areas are not any less impressive and it’s relatively lax admission requirements for it’s renown make it one of the strongest contenders in the region when choosing to pursue hgher education in Canada.