Polytechnic Institute of New York


New York University, occasionally referred to as the Polytechnic Institute of New York due to the varied and somewhat independent nature of it’s various schools, was first established in the year 1831, the result of a long series of debates that brought to attention the importance of a practical education institution in the rapidly growing city of New York, as a result of the recent revolutionary process the institution was born on the beliefs that merits and not class should be the main factor to take into account when accepting it’s future students.

The university soon grew to be one of the most important in the nation, not unlike it’s home city, and in the present day has expanded not only beyond it’s home city, but even beyond it’s home country, opening academic centers and campuses in nations all over the world, as such now offering a quality education all over the world.

Programs Offered

New York University counts with 18 different schools in it’s main New York campus, through which it offers over 200 unique courses aimed at undergraduate students, there’s no shortage of selection at the institution, and the sheer amount of schools goes to show the level of specialization the institution has reached with the years.

Due to the immense amount of courses at New York University, the following list will only be a small sample of the full catalog available at the institution:

  • Art
  • Business of the Arts
  • Dance
  • Design, Architecture, and Urban Planning
  • Digital Arts
  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Advanced Mathematical Methods
  • Business and Political Economy
  • Finance
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Science Studies
  • Health

Admission requirements

Application at New York University starts at the online Common Application, which brings with it an $80 application fee, students will be asked for their academic records, proof of their language proficiency and a portfolio and any college documents they might have when the case applies.

The average GPU requirement is usually around the 3,6 mark, meaning that students must already have a great academic record at high-school to have a competitive chance to enroll.

Student Life

New York university understands the impact that a change in city, country or just from high-school to college can have on the average person, as such many of it’s vents are focused on the integration of it’s community, in particular freshmen and international students, additionally many are helmed directly by students, making for a tailor fit experience.

Part-time work

While there are a number of work options at New York University most of them are related to the Federal Work Study program, which is need based and as such wont be available to all students, for other employment queries students can also contact NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development.


The cost of tuition at New York University is based around credits undertaken by a student, this means that the overall amount of credits chosen per semester will affect the cost, however in general a semester will have 12 to 18 credits, which will amount to $25,342, with a cost of $1,493 per credit.


New York University is currently ranked as the 23th best college level institution in the world, making it the overall 19th best university in it’s home country of the United States of America.

University Contact

Address:  70 Washington Square South New York, NY, 10012

Phone: (212) 998-1212

Email: [email protected]


New York University is one of the most comprehensive and competitive institutions in the world, any student who can afford it and considers themselves up to the task of applying should do so, or at least only consider other institutions at the same level.