Cairo University


Founded on 1908, Cairo University was created on the interest of creating a national institution capable of meeting the higher education demands of the population. It used Europeans universities as it’s base, which made it contrast with it’s main competitor Al Azhar, ultimately this worked out, as Cairo University became the base for most other state universities and became one of the most recognized institutions in Egypt.

Programs Offered

Across it’s 12 faculties Cairo University offers a varied selection of undergraduate programs from all branches of life, the following is a sample of the full catalog available at the institution:

  • Psychology
  • Physical Therapy for Cardiovascular/ Respiratory Disorder & Geriatrics
  • Biomechanics
  • Computers and Information
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • French
  • Mass Communication in English
  • Two Branches of Public Relations and Advertising 
  • Two Branches of Radio and Television
  • Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension
  • Economic Entomology & Pesticides
  • Zoology and Agricultural Nematology
  • Nursing
  • Statistical Studies
  • Photochemistry and Photobiology
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Veterinary Medicine

Admission requirements

Admission to Cairo University doesn’t deviate much from the norm, as usual prospective students are expected to present their high school diploma certificate, and a record of their grades during the last two years of study, for international students these document need to be recognized and stamped by the Egyptian embassy in your country.

As most courses except for Medicine and Language programs are taught in Arabic, students must also be proficient in the language.

Student Life

Cairo University counts with a selection of athletic, artistic and cultural activities available for students to enrich their experience at the institution, these range from basketball and table tennis, to plastic arts and sculpture workshops, some of these activities double as contests fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition amongst students.

Part-time work

While Cairo University doesn’t count with a centralized job portal for students, it does have other ways to support students in their pursuit of a job, the various faculties organize Job Fairs, which offer both training for students in order to be more enticing employment prospects as well as direct job offers from visiting companies.

Additionally some faculties count with their own centers for job promotion, while some are aimed mainly at graduates others do take into consideration undergraduates.

In general while the university does allow and support students in their choice to pursue part-time work, a large portion of job hunting will depend fully on each student.


Domestic Students at Cairo University can expect to pay on average $2,000 USD annually for study on an undergraduate program, in the case of International Students the expected fee is closer to $7,000 USD per enrolled year.


Ranked as the 602nd best university across the entire world, Cairo University is the number one college level institution in it’s home country Egypt, currently occupying the number one spot in the national ranking.

University Contact

Address:  1 Gamaa Street, Giza, Egypt

Phone: +20 2 35676105

Email: [email protected]


Cairo University is the premier institution for higher education in Egypt and an internationally acknowledged institution, while it is without a doubt one of the first options to consider for residents, international students might find it a harder one to approach, as Arabic is not one of the most common second languages in the world, and their official website is sadly not very well updated.